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Relocating unreferenced polemical material to talk page.--Bob Burton 22:25, 17 Jan 2005 (EST)

RAW is a successor to the British MI6. It is patronised by the ruling classes like MI5 and Mi6 were created to protect the British Upper classes )products of Oxbridge). Now with people like Tony Blair in charge, it (MI6) has become vulgar.

According to P Wright, it has strong links to Cambridge and recruitment is thru the Oxford-Cambridge connections. In India, presumably the links are from the better Universities.

Mi6 was behing Pakistans ISI which was modelled also after it. When Dominion status was granted to India and Pakistan, it immediately started to create dissent and was behind the insurgency in KAshmir etc, when MI6 agents were in charge of the armed forces on both sides of the McMahon Line and NW frontier.

Mi6 is probably more in control of ISI (Pakistan) than RAW, since both were creted to maintain the momentum of empire.

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This still needs better referencing. --Bob Burton 20:53, 18 September 2007 (EDT)

RAW was set up as a super spy agency after establishing the older agencies in a need to remodel it on the original lines of MI5 and MI6.

MI5 and MI6 report directly to the Prime Minister of UK and Indira Gandhi decided to do the same --have RAW report to her. The agency was staffed by A Mr Kao with past connections to CIA--some say he was employed by CIA.

In 1947 India became a Dominion, and although nominally independent, was till under control of the British Soveriegn. The Intelligence agency MI5 had staffed the army Navy and Airforce on both sides of the border (India, Pakistan). The chiefs were also employed by MI5 and were Britishers. Under orders from the British Govt, wars were started by the buggers in control. This was under control and knowledge of the monarchy. The UK is still trying to interfere in India (ref Peter Bleach-Purulia arms drop)

In 1950, India became sovereign.. However Pakistan was still a Dominion till well into 1958. MI5 and MI6 were controllling Pakistan Intelligence. Relaising this after 10 years, the Gandhi Govt decided to start a similar agency reporting directly to the Indian Sovereign.

The agencies in UK recruit from Cambridge and Peter Wright (SPY CATCHER) states that there is strong connection with the academics of Cambbridge and MI5. The procedures used are also typical of academia in MI5.

ref: SPY CATCHER--Peter Wright