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Some of Greenavengers edits were spurious.

  • Citing as an authority on the Pulitzer accusations is nonsense. Try instead
  • What someone else can earn for their advice is irrelevant;
  • describing Gelbspan as an climate change evangelist is spin in itself - it implies there is no science behind his position; the rider that he is not a scientist is equally irrelevant since he is identified as a journalist and author and doesn't claim to be a scientist - and one doesn't need to be a scientist to write about the sceptics, esp their funding.
  • I relocated Gelbspan's gen comments on the sceptics to the page on them where it is more appropriate than on Lindzens alone. --Bob Burton 17:42, 25 Mar 2006 (EST)

Lindzen denies he has received any funding from any fossil fuel company to be skeptical of AGW. In a stock statement he sends to anyone who emails him about this:

Edit note

I have relicated this unreferenced material from the article page.--Bob Burton 06:09, 10 August 2008 (EDT)

Statement concerning support.

My research has never been supported by any industrial source. I have always had research support from one or more of the following: the National Science Foundation, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, and the Department of Energy.

I have accepted two lecture fees from oil and coal firms about 17 years ago. In each case, I shared the platform with speakers from the environmental movement. The same was true of a talk I gave at a meeting sponsored by OPEC around the same time. It was claimed that the publication of that talk was sponsored by OPEC. That is untrue. The lecture had been prepared earlier as part of a series of lectures delivered at Tel Aviv University where I was a Sackler Visiting Professor. It was subsequently published the Cato Institute in their magazine Regulation.

During the early 90's, I also served for a couple of days as an expert witness for Western Fuels in a court case in Minnesota. Western Fuels is a small coal cooperative serving publicly owned utilities in the upper midwest. It is relatively unique among fuel companies in that it has no customers to pass its expenses on to. It was created under President Carter as part of his policy of reducing dependence on oil. Again during this period, I responded to a request to testify before a Senate Committee. After testifying, I discovered that it is the practice of Congress not to cover any expenses (travel, hotel, preparing 100 copies of testimony, etc.) associated with testifying. Moreover, one is not permitted to use government grant funds for this purpose. Since I was broke at the time, I accepted $300 from Western Fuels to cover some of the expenses. I should add that this policy on the part of Congress has the effect of largely restricting testimony to government employees and advocates. I covered my own expenses for subsequent Congressional testimony.

The above represents the totality of my paid association with oil and coal firms.

Richard S. Lindzen

April 5, 2007

Edit note

"There is no evidence that Gelbspan consulted with Lindzen, confirmed the validity of his comments on Lindzen, or gathered comment from Lindzen before publishing his 1995 Harpers piece."

This implies that what Gelbspan wrote was inaccurate or that the basis of his article wasn't verified from credible information.--Bob Burton 06:30, 21 October 2008 (EDT)