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Shouldn't there be something here about his segregationist past?

You just can't count on other folks writing your articles for you.

explaining revert

Since there was no explanation of the deletions made from Conor Kenny's edit, I am reverting it back to his version. --Judith Siers-Poisson 23:03, 5 Jul 2006 (EDT)

Reasons for deletions

Judith Siers_Poisson:

I should have made the reasons for my deletions clear. I deleted some of the links in the previous version of the article because they add nothing to the discourse about the senator's past, but instead only serve to make sophomoric, emotional ridicule of what could be treated with objectivity.

--Original message--

Hi jackster01,

I wanted to let you know that since there was no explanation of the deletions you made from Conor Kenny's version of the Robert Byrd article, I reverted it back to his version. If there is a reason that you did delete the article links, please make note of it on the talk page for the Byrd article.

Thanks, --Judith Siers-Poisson 23:07, 5 Jul 2006 (EDT)