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This is the talk page for September 11, 2001: 4th Anniversary "Freedom Walk"; also see September 11, 2001: 4th Anniversary Events created in anticipation that the Freedom Walk will not be the only event taking place on this occasion. --Maynard 13:17, 12 Aug 2005 (EDT)


Armed Forces Press Service IS Department of Defense, ergo Rummy's crib.

As for the icons, they are huge and prominently displayed on the righthand corner of the pages.

Chalk it up to another Bushco opportunistic, revolting act and distraction from the real issues. Just another day in Georgeland. Artificial Intelligence 10:33, 12 Aug 2005 (EDT)

While looking for rationale behind the "Walk" (and event), the following may be a part, as there is resistance in NY for a perm "walk" ... I believe it's called "indoctrination":

Apparently, this is not the first instance and it's happening again:

Toss in a little fund-raising, too:

"More than $8 million of the $18 million needed for construction has been collected, said James J. Laychak, the group's president and chairman. The group hopes to break ground next fall for the memorial. The design features a metal-alloy bench for each of the victims.
"Mr. Laychak said the walk will help 'get out the word' about the fund."
Comment: Why doesn't the Pentagon just ask Lockheed Martin to hand over a few of those inflated military-industrial complex-hard-earned $$$$ ? $10M is a drop in the bucket.

Also, Total911 posted this August 10, 2005, ... the possibility of an anti-war event like this has got to scare the beejeezuz out of somebody in Foggy Bottom:

"It is probably worth noting that this effort by the Trotskyite neocon Bush Administration was greatly helped when early plans for an antiwar & pro-9/11 truth rally in DC on 9/11/05 were superceded when communist front group A.N.S.W.E.R., the 800-pound gorilla of antiwar protests, called for a mobilization on Sept. 24 instead." --Total911, August 10, 2005.

Secretary Rumsfeld announced this project at the 9 August briefing.[1]

"Every year since September 11th attacks, Americans have commemorated that anniversary. This year the Department of Defense will initiate an America Supports You Freedom Walk. The walk will begin at the Pentagon and end at the National Mall. It will include many of the major monuments in Washington, D.C. reminding participants of the sacrifices of this generation and of each previous generation that has so successfully defended our freedoms. Freedom Walk participants will be invited to a special performance by country singer Clint Black. And more information about this event will be on the Department of Defense website,"

The concurrent News Release [2] also does not use any form of the word "celebrate".

What "they" are doing here is drumming up support for the military as the [sole] vehicle of personal and national freedom, using the new website and slogan "America Supports You", and the commemorative "Freedom Walk" to continue their association of the 9/11 tragedy with their invasion of Iraq and to support the rest of their perpetual global militarism.

"They" aren't declaring any "celebration". Who is?

Well, the American Forces Press Service uses the phrase "celebrate freedom" in the headline, not the body content, of their news release [3]. That release also states that "Those wishing to walk in this year's Freedom Walk can register online by visiting and clicking on the Freedom Walk icon"; but at this posting there is no such icon or other reference that I could find of the walk from this site. Meanwhile, the release also provides a direct link to which does tie back to the "supports you" site.

So, who again is sponsoring and promoting a "celebration"?, and of what?

Other possible questions: Is the AFPS a "GOP operative" intentionally dropping the "celebration" word? and what were they hoping to accomplish by that? Has anybody asked them about it? Wouldn't *that* be basic journalism?

Is "the left" promoting their own, or the administration's, cause by further broadcasting this event? Is all this "celebration" attention likely to educate or reform any of the war supporters? Or does it give them strength? and give them an easy way to view the left of fabricating reality?

--Maynard 09:52, 12 Aug 2005 (EDT)

As Atrios noted, there's a city missing ... and nothing's gonna stop the freedom march .. not even terrorists:

... or a ready-made way out if the whole plan goes south, like global struggle against violent extremism?

New classic found on AMERICAblog message board:

"If we don't have that party, then the Hurricane will have already won."