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When I happened upon the Stanley Foundation's Independent Task Force on US Strategies for National Security, while building a file on preemptive war and attempting to update Proactive Preemptive Operations Group, it seemed way too good to be true that there was a little insignificant "foundation" (Stanley Foundation) hosting such a task force.

Well, never fear, it's the same old same old players .... just a new venue ... and here's benevolent Mr. Stanley .... defense contractor, state/government contractor, member of the military-industrial complex ... generously giving of his foundation's resources in support of a "non-governmental" task force (by the way, note that this foundation does not "gift" any money to anyone, according to it's own web site). Right! Just check out his corporation's client list ... and the members of the task force ... and then tell me that there is no "tit for tat" (slang for quid pro quo) going on!

10/22/03 17:44 (EDT) AI