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Hiya, A-I'ya! I'd like to see on this article an outline of :

I. The Bush Perspecstive

 A. Analysis
 B. Other links

II. The Green Perspective

III. The Center for American Progress.

Does this make sense and seem "workable" ??

Hey, M!

Absolutely ... was trying to blend in a bit more interpretation with the one-sided view I originally found here today .. Sorry that I won't devote the kind of time on the 2005 speech that I did to 2004 but there's not enough Alka Seltzer in the house right now!

PaulR .. while we're on stats, I've seen a lot of blogs mentioning the absence and/or scarcity of commentary in the speech on health care, etc. It would be interesting to see other topics, as well. Hint: I'm not a "table maker," as Maynard knows well .. I defer to experts there! AI

Thanks, M .. I think! AI

How 'bout this one? GOD ??

  • David Domke and Kevin Coe, "God and the Oval Office. Bush's Brand of Christianity," CounterPunch, February 2, 2005: "What sets Bush apart is how much he talks about God and what he says when he does so. The pattern is so clear that we guarantee Bush will invoke God several times in his State of the Union address on Wednesday."

Well, just made a quick sweep through the speech and came up with exactly ONE reference .. and that is the usual closing one in every Presidential speech: "Thank you, and may God bless America. (Applause.)"

What's up with that????? AI