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They are called terrorists because that is what they are. This is not a conventional war. It is a battle between three sides. The Iraqis, the Foreigners/Terrorists and the Coalition. Here is the thing, the Iraqis want us to protect them from the terrorists because their own forces are not up to their standards, and half of them are corrupt. They do want us out eventually, and they know that it is a political process that must be followed to do so. They also realize that if they get rid of these terrorists, they will not need as much security and the Coalition will leave. Because they know this, they have made their own militia's and forces to counteract the terrorists. You have to realize that this war is not for American's. Its is for the poor defensless Iraqis to get up on their feet. I have met Iraqis they have stated they do not want us their but they would rather have us than terrorists. The Iraqi people are not typical muslims. They are very modern muslims that drink and do not always follow their religious rules. The terrorists would install a Shari'a law where anything against their hardcore muslim beliefs could be punished by death (Remember Sadr?)

So there that is the real and actual truth from someone who has been there, who has actuall talked with Iraqis.

I disagree. Countries all around the world are filled with protestors who disapprove of the imperialism, the globalization, the hypocrisy, and the fascism of the United States government. These people aren't "terrorists". They believe in peace and democracy, and they're willing to stand up for it against assult by U.S. militaristic and corporate interests. This is true in probably every country in the world, including Argentina, Great Britian, and the United States; and those protestors are not "terrorists".
--Maynard 19:35, 3 Nov 2005 (EST)