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Try to use political analysis at linear levels...for example, How does the Republican party impact international law and vice-versa? Try to think of Gov. as a Local, State, Federal, And International institution. Look at media as a multinational corp(G.E. owns NBC Super Channel(Europe),NBC Asia,CNBC Europe,Canal de Noticias NBC,TV Azteca(Mexico joint venture),International satellite Communications,and much, much more.) R. Murdock, multinational news venture.

Try not to think of Gulf war one and Operation Iraqi Freedom (Pentagon and major media terms,not mine), but as a UN war, led by US, in three distinct phases of progression. One, elimination of command and control/ infrastructure.To prevent heavy loss of ground troops, phase two is implemented.Two, UN sanctions and no fly zones to affect a "seige",with disarmament and weapons inspections.Three,without 'overt' permission,(element of surprise)conclusion of war at the point of implosion,or power vacuum.WMD is Govt. and media product only...for example, China and the former USSR had WMD, but the US would not attack because THEY HAD WMD.

See this relationship;US,UN,WTO,HALBURTON,Beichtel,B.P.,G.E.,etc.Multinational corp. interests in destruction and in contracts for reconstruction.