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This is all about a small groups personal interests and wealth. The Bush Family and the Bush Administration as well as the military commanders of the Pentagon and TOny Blair are war criminals. Mass murders have happpened in Iraq and Afganistan, international law is being broken, the public is being lied to, and American troops are being threatened and told to shut up that is why they apply as refugees to Canada or are agains the the Bush Administration when they come back. This has to stop. Iranians are a peaceful people and the media is being used as a weapon to slander Iranians as evil and irrational people. Iran is a very liberal country where people actually vote and critique the government.

Why in the World??

Why in the world is this matter being discussed, now, as a "war" and worse yet, a "war IN" Iran?? The only possibilitiy on the geo-political landscape for any kind of confrontation involving Iran is a "U.S. bombing and invasion OF" Iran.

Since there is no "war IN Iran" and no such "war" is contemplated, we shouldn't be echoing the "war on terror" or "preemptive war/strike" themes. They are propaganda, and should be handled as such, not promoted or elevated into a defacto reality.

Please !!!

"war in Iran" is an article title, not an advertisement, endorsement, or handled differently than any other SW article.

It has been a topic of discussion worldwide at least since Bush's 2002 State of the Union speech and deserves inclusion in SW. Artificial Intelligence 09:22, 3 Apr 2006 (EDT)

not "topic of discussion", gov't sourced, media broadcasted, propaganda

Just did a quick SW "history" search on "war in Iraq", "war with Iraq", "war on Iraq", "war against Iraq" etc. We also have the "2003 invasion of Iraq", "invasion of Iraq", etc.

relevance eludes me, unless you're agreeing that we have had this discussion before.

This is an old debate and rephrasing the basic issue accomplished nothing then and will accomplish nothing now. It is a basic title, subject to addition, commentary and opinion like any other. Artificial Intelligence 09:27, 3 Apr 2006 (EDT)

"the basic issue" is a contemplated and threatened "U.S. bombing and invasion OF Iran", "rephrased"(sic) as "war in Iran". There is no coalition, there is no war and/because there is no other combatant.
Please refer to the fine SourceWatch echo chamber article. The propaganda here is that the Bush regime seeks to convince the horde that there is a righteous war waged between good and evil which moves around from one country to the next, and that they're just doing the Lord's work by following it around making things better for everybody. That is NOT what's happening. and nobody should say that it is, and nobody needs to say that somebody else says that it is parroting without doing so in the context of a rational analysis. .... imho