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The link with 'Hazleton Laboratories' seems incorrect to me. William Hazeltine was an entomologist who in the early 1960s changed his focus to mosquito control and research. At the top of his career Mr. Hazeltine headed the 'Mosquito Abatement Program' in a county in California. For some time he used DDT to do his work, but that was banned in 1972 and he was still angry about that ban in the mid-1990s. In 1959 Hazleton Laboratories, Inc had already 175 employees and 600 employees in 1969. To me linking him with Hazleton labs makes no sense. There is no indication he was already in the late 1950s heading a big laboratory in Vienna, VA.

Some snippets & quotes related to William E. Hazeltine (1926-1994)

Public hearing July 1994

"Dr. William Hazeltine, who studied the [Mount Hermon june beetle] from 1946 to 1952 and again from 1992 to 1994." [1]

Mr Hazeltine did in 1962 alone and 1963 together with Snell some research on the Clear Lake gnat in California.

"Snell and Hazeltine (1963) treated the water of a pond with methyl parathion at 4 ppb (parts per billion), which had a residual effect lasting only 9 days and killed only the first- and second-instar larvae and most of the third-instar larvae. ..."

"In 1962 3 treatments with an acetone solution of methyl parathion, the first with 2.2 ppb and the second and third with 3.3 ppb, resulted in control of the gnats with no ill effects on wildlife (Hazeltine, 1962; 1963). " [2]

From the Bibliography of the Bees of the World

Hazeltine, W. E. & L. Chandler, 1964. A preliminary atlas for the identification of female bumble bees. Journal of the Kansas Entomological Society 37: 77-87. [3]

Second Annual Report American Council on Science and Health (ACSH) (1979)

Board of Scientific Advisors

William E. Hazeltine, Ph.D.
Butte County, California Mosquito Abatement District Manager, Environmentalist, Entomologist

American Council on Science and Health Seventh Annual Report (July 1, 1984)

Board of Scientific Advisors

William E. Hazeltine, Ph.D.
Butte County, California Mosquito Abatement District

Response to the notice of proposed rulemaking by the EPA regarding "Protection Standards for Agricultural Pesticides" [6] in July/August 1988

Public Comments

(C3) Butte County Mosquito Abatement District
William E. Hazeltine, Ph.D.

Publications by S.E. Monsen, W. E. Hazeltine, and T. L. Henderson

Monsen, S. E., W. E. Hazeltine, and T. L. Henderson. Lyme Borreliosis surveillance in Butte County, California: Bull. Soc. Vector Ecol. 15 63-72. 1990. [8]

Monsen, S. E., W. E. Hazeltine, T. L. Henderson, and S. D. Thomas. 1992, Small animal and human infestation by immature and adult Ixodes pacificus in Butte county, California: Proceedings of the California Mosquito and Vector Control Association. 60 61-66. [9]

July 1992 'Doctors for Disaster Preparedness' meeting "Wetlands: A Public Health Hazard"

At the Tenth Annual Meeting of DDP, held in Costa Mesa, CA, July 11, 1992, William Hazeltine, Ph.D., described the problems he faced as manager of the Butte County Mosquito Abatement District. In California, the best pesticides have become unavailable. A chemical previously used to treat pastures is now allowed by the State of California only for use against household pests. But pasture mosquitoes and jack rabbits are an important part of the endemic encephalitis virus life cycle. [10]

American Mosquito Control Association (AMCA) Awards

Meritorious Service Award

1993, W. Hazeltine (CA) [11]

Supporters List of The Advancement of Sound Science Coalition (TASSC) (±1993)

William Hazeltine, Ph.D., B.C.E. - Individual - Oroville, CA [12]

March 1993 article by William F. Jasper called "A Morass of Wetlands Myths" in The New American:

Dr. William Hazeltine -- manager-environmentalist for the Butte County (California) Mosquito Abatement District and author of many articles on environmental issues, vector diseases, and vector management -- is one of many authorities who have warned of the health hazards posed by the environmentalists' romanticizing of wetlands. Because mosquitoes transmit malaria and viral encephalitis, health professionals like Dr. Hazeltine "consider wetlands as a major risk to human health." [13]

Announcement of March 31, 1993 about the meeting of the International Center for a Scientific Ecology (ISCE) in Paris on May 10, 1993

The DDT case. Dr. William Hazeltine (Ph.D., entomologist, former Manager of mosquito abatement in California, U.S.A.) [14]

His speach in Paris for the ISCE on May 10, 1993

Page 50..64: The DDT Example - Dr. William Hazeltine
William Hazeltine, Ph.D., B.C.E., Oroville, California, USA

"You have to understand that I am an Enthomologist-Ecologist by training who used DDT for crop protection, and for control of public health pests. ... I began to look at DDT in far greater detail in the early 1960s, when Rachel Carson's book "Silent Spring" appeared, particulary because her narratives were not consistent with our experience. If I had been mistaken, I wanted to be the first to know. At that time, I was working on control methods for an aquatic midge in Clear Lake, California, .." [15]

'Doctors for Disaster Preparedness' annual meeting in Oakland, CA (August 13-15, 1993)

Wetlands: A Haven for Human Disease Vectors. William Hazeltine, Ph.D.
Dr. Hazeltine, who has more than 29 years of experience in mosquito control and research, has frequently testified about the growing threat of mosquito-borne diseases resulting from government restrictions on pest controls.

About Mr. Hazeltine (from the footer of an article in '21st Century Science & Technology magazine' in which Dr. William E. Hazeltine had 3 articles [17])

Does Nature Really Know Best? by Dr. William Hazeltine Ph. D. (Summer 1994)

"Dr. William Hazeltine is an entomologist who until his recent retirement headed he Hutte County, California Mosquito Abatement Program. He is a frequent commentator on environ-mental affairs." [18] ("Hutte County" should be "Butte County")

Public hearing July 1994

"The Service received a written request from Dr. William Hazeltine of Oroville, California for a public hearing. The public hearing was held on July 18, 1994, at the Santa Cruz County Government Building in Santa Cruz, California." [19]

On the list of peer reviewers of Science, Economics, and Environmental Policy: A Critical Examination, published on August 11, 1994

Dr. William Hazeltine Environmental Consultant [20]

March 1995 "The Environmental Priesthood and Ritual Cleanliness"

"Last articles by William Hazeltine, Ph.D. (1926-1994): ``A Petition to Protect Endangered Homo sapiens, in 21st Century, Winter 1994/95, PO Box 16285, Washington, DC 20041, and "Conservation or Preservation" in Eco×logic, PO Box 191, Hollow Rock, TN 38342. " [21]

Eco×logic is a publication of the Environmental Conservation Organization of which Mr. Hazeltine almost 10 years after his dead is still listed as an advisor, albeit with the remark "(Dec.)" [22]

About that same seminar in Paris (article November 1995)

"As to the cancer fears, the late William Hazeltine, Ph.D., presented an analysis at a seminar sponsored by the International Center for Scientific Ecology on May 10, 1993." [23]

About his ex-colleage Elmer Kingsford who retired in 2002

".. Elmer took a position as entomologist with the Butte County MAD, Butte County California, working with William (Bill) Hazeltine." [24] (MAD = Mosquito Abatement District)

Hazleton Laboratories

About Mr. Roland Tibbetts

"Between 1959-1969, he was Vice president and director, Hazleton Laboratories, Inc, Vienna, VA. a life sciences R&D firm which grew from 175 to 600 employees during this period prior to being acquired by TRW in 1968." [25]

From an EPA Memorandum

"Two-Year Chronic Feeding - Rat (Final Report)- Aminotriazole (3-Amino-1,2,4-Triazole)." (Hazleton Labs, 1/2/59) [26]

I want to change the article about William Hazeltine in a week or so from now and remove the section about Hazleton Laboratories.

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