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The articles and ads suggest extremist right wing propaganda

I looked at worldnetdaily and noted a rather radical Right-Wing agenda with ads and reviews for radical books throughout. Perhaps there should be a little more on this site?

WND is much more than "right-wing"

The publication practices propaganda techniques, which used to be associated only with Marxism's adherents, (ie-Dialectic Materialism). This points to contemporary conservatism's continuing corruption; a careening chasmaniacal chassé into contradictions' clutches. Wonks steeped in Trotskyism have mutated conservatism, and posit situationalism as a precept foundationally pure.

there's a purpose,
there's a goal,
there's virtuous,
and immoral,
there's a reason for all of this,
but i don't know what it is

the seeds of inspiration
never germinated in my mind,
the beacon of awakening
is somewhere that i can't find,
so i don't know
what it is

there's a beginning,
and there's an end,
there's a climax,
some would contend,
there's a way to signify this,
but i don't know what it is

Greg Graffin - Bad Religion
"What it is"
Stranger Than Fiction
1994 - Atlantic Records

The unity of Opposites
"The contradiction, however, is the source of all movement and life; only in so far as it contains a contradiction can anything have movement, power, and effect." (Hegel). "In brief", states Lenin, "dialectics can be defined as the doctrine of the unity of opposites. This embodies the essence of dialectics?"
The world in which we live is a unity of contradictions or a unity of opposites: cold-heat, light-darkness, Capital-Labour, birth-death, riches-poverty, positive-negative, boom-slump, thinking-being, finite-infinite, repulsion-attraction, left-right, above-below, evolution-revolution, chance-necessity, sale-purchase, and so on.
The fact that two poles of a contradictory antithesis can manage to coexist as a whole is regarded in popular wisdom as a paradox. The paradox is a recognition that two contradictory, or opposite, considerations may both be true. This is a reflection in thought of a unity of opposites in the material world.
Motion, space and time are nothing else but the mode of existence of matter. Motion, as we have explained is a contradiction, - being in one place and another at the same time. It is a unity of opposites. "Movement means to be in this place and not to be in it; this is the continuity of space and time - and it is this which first makes motion possible." (Hegel)
To understand something, its essence, it is necessary to seek out these internal contradictions. Under certain circumstances, the universal is the individual, and the individual is the universal. That things turn into their opposites, - cause can become effect and effect can become cause - is because they are merely links in the never-ending chain in the development of matter.
"The negative is to an equal extent positive," states Hegel. Dialectical thought is "comprehending the antithesis in its unity." In fact Hegel goes further: "Contradiction is the root of all movement and vitality, and it is only insofar as it contains a Contradiction that anything moves and has impulse and activity?Something moves, not because it is here at one point of time and there at another, but because at one and the same point of time it is here and not here, and in this here both is and is not. We must grant the old dialecticians the contradictions which they prove in motion; but what follows is not that there is no motion, but rather that motion is existent Contradiction itself." Therefore for Hegel, something is living insofar as it contains contradiction, which provides it with self-movement.
Rob Sewell,"What is dialectical materialism?", Marxist dot com study guide

This is not just the ends justifying the means, it is any employable means are inherent within the concept of a mutable ends. There is no propriety, no honor, no path of the superior. Good and Evil are no longer valid as a referent for righteous action, but only tools for devises of discourse. The goal is everything, nothing else matters.

WND is also an ardent practictioner of a rhetorical device I call "circle-jerk citations". They are apt to cite fellow travellers in other publications while willfully obfuscating the connections. The Heritage Foundation, American Enterprise Institute, Newsmax, Drudge, Limbaugh, etc. all play the same game, supplying a framework of cross-references for each other.

Another citation technique often employed by WND is the obscure publication reference. They will cite reports in foreign languages, even when the report also has an English equivalent. WND is not adverse to mistating a citation authorr's expertise. No contemporary conservative ever goes to the original source, especially if it is in a foreign language.

WND also believes in the headline as non sequitur in relation to the story's real content. What is given as absolute in the headline is often stretched allegations in the article. WND frequently uses ad hominen attacks via pavlovian semantics; and their readership salivates profusely, running frothily from their mouths with just the words "leftist", "liberal", "socialist", and "Clinton".

A dittohead by any other name is just as lame.

--Hugh Manatee 18:59, 22 Jan 2006 (EST)