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Similar to a "white paper," talking points are ideas, usually compiled in a short list with summaries of speaker's agenda for public or private engagements. Public relations professionals sometimes prepare "talking points" for executives or other corporate clients to help the client focus their public comments to agreed "key messages". These key messages are often developed based on opinion polling and focus group research.

In January 2005 it was reported that troops bound for Iraq were provided with a card for their wallet that contained tips for dealing with journalists and key talking points.


  • The Corps is trained, resourced and ready to accomplish its missions. We are committed to the cause and will remain in Iraq as long as we are needed.
  • The fight in Iraq is tough, but we will remain steadfast and not lose heart.
  • We are moving forward together with the Iraqi government as partners in building a future for the sons and daughters of Iraq.
  • Coalition forces will help our Iraqi partners as they build their new and independent country and take their rightful place in the world community.
  • We are a values-based, people-focused team that strives to uphold the dignity and respect of all.
  • Our troopers and their families are our greatest and most treasured resource.
  • The Corps is a national institution -- it has never failed to do the will of the American people.

Provided by: XVIII Corps Public Affairs Office, Fort Bragg, NC 28310 [1] A scanned pdf copy of the wallet card can be downloaded here

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