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Tania Sourdin "is Professor of Conflict Resolution at the Australian Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies, The University of Queensland, and Director of Conflict Resolution and Practice, together with Professor Nadja Alexander. ACPACS is a national centre located in Brisbane and Melbourne, and also provides services in Sydney.

"Professor Sourdin has extensive experience in alternative dispute resolution, commercial litigation, trade practices and consumer issues. Her doctorate involved extensive empirical work, which was subsequently adopted by the Australian Law Reform Commission in its inquiry into the Adversarial System. Her work since that time has included extensive reviews of Tribunals and Courts as well as external Dispute Resolution Services.

"Professor Sourdin is a solicitor of the Supreme Court of New South Wales, a part-time Member of the Commonwealth Administrative Appeals Tribunal and a senior member with the Consumer Trader and Tenancy Tribunal. Tania is also a mediator active in a range of commercial and workplace and matters. She is a member of National Alternative Dispute Resolution Advisory Council (for two terms) which advises the Commonwealth Attorney-General on ADR and chairs the Reserach and Judicial Education Committees. Professor Sourdin has led national research projects and produced important recommendations for reform. In 2007 she completed work on the National Standards for Mediators project. She has experience in designing innovative and internet based courses, and has particular expertise in training and educating mediators, investigators, conciliators, tribunal members, judges, architects, lawyers and others concerning alternative dispute resolution processes. She has worked across Australia, in New Zealand, Hong Kong, Canada, the United States, the UK and Italy. As well, Professor Sourdin is the author of three books, has contributed chapters for others and published widely on conflict resolution, artificial intelligence, technology and organisational change." [1]

Appointments [2]

  • National Alternative Dispute Resolution Advisory Council (NADRAC), Member
  • NADRAC National Research Committee, Chair
  • NADRAC Judicial Education Committee, Chair
  • Administrative Appeals Tribunal, Member, Constitutional Committee, Professional Education Committee, ADR Committee, Concurrent Evidence Committee (Report and Methodology)
  • Victorian Civil and Administrative Appeals Tribunal, Mediator
  • LEADR, Advanced Panel Trainer (Australia and New Zealand)
  • Consumer, Trader & Tenancy Tribunal, Senior Member
  • Committee for Economic Development of Australia, Trustee

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