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Target Corporation is a large U.S. department store chain with stores in 47 states, along with an online presence. The SuperTarget branded stores also carry groceries. Target opened its first store in Minnesota, U.S., in 1962. It now has a store in India and is working on opening two more in that country. In 2006, it had total sales of $59.5 billion with profits of $2.8 billion. [1] [2]

Political contributions

Target gave $235,000 to federal candidates in the 2006 election through its political action committee - 43% to Democrats, 55% to Republicans, and 2% to other parties. [3]


On July 6, 2010, Target donated $150,000 to the Minnesota Forward PAC, which supports Republican candidates. The PAC then ran an ad supporting Tom Emmer, a Minnesota gubernatorial candidate who is also an outspoken opponent of gay marriage. In 2007, Emmer authored a constitutional amendment to prohibit same-sex marriage and civil unions. He has also tried to change the language of bills so that same-sex couples cannot benefit from them, for example in a bill to create standards for surrogate motherhood, he sought to replace the word "parents" with "mother and father."[4][5][6]

The company spent $200,000 for lobbying in 2006. [7]


Key executives and 2006 pay: [8]          Options
Robert J. Ulrich, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer    N/A    N/A
Gregg W. Steinhafel, President    N/A    N/A
Douglas A. Scovanner, Chief Financial Officer    $1,640,000    $1,490,000
Michael Francis, Executive Vice President of Marketing    $1,220,000    $0
John D. Griffith, Executive Vice President of Property Development    $1,060,000    $640,000

Selected members of the Board of Directors: [9]

Contact details

1000 Nicollet Mall
Minneapolis, MN 55403
Phone: 612-304-6073
Fax: 612-696-5400


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