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The Tasmanian Agricultural Productivity Group (TAPG) was a group formed to defend the aerial spraying of agricultural crops in North West Tasmania. A 1990 article in The Examiner described TAPG as representing "such interests as vegetable producing giants Edgells, McCains and Vecon."

"While it is impossible not to overspray on crops, the anti-sprayting lobby does show some real concerns and we want to supply them with real answers, Buzz Green, A TAPG member, told The Examiner.

In an article in The Advocate in 1992 TAPG was described as representing "all segments of the Tasmanian agricultural industry including farmers, processors and marketers, chemical distributors, chemical applicators and industry consultants."

In March 1994, following media coverage of the use of pesticides, Buzz Green from TAPG, warned Tasmanian Pesticide Drift Watch that "should actions of your grouo cause wrongful harm to our industry or to any individual involved in our industry then you will leave us with no course of action other than to enforce our rights at law". See letter

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