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1989 Jan 11 Savarese has sent the CONFIDENTIAL list of network economists to Debbie Schoonmaker and Carol Hyrcaj who shared responsibility for the Tax Hearing Readiness project at the Tobacco Institute.

This memorandum includes information on the industry's ability to respond to proposals to:

  • increase federal excise taxes on tobacco products;
  • earmark excise taxes to fund federal programs; and
  • reduce/eliminate tobacco tax deductability for advertising.

It provides the arguments that should be used by the economists, some think-tanks which will provide support, a list of members of Congress who are seen as allies, and includes this list of available economists:

ALABAMA, Robert B. Ekelund, Jr., Auburn University
ARIZONA, Roger Faith, Arizona State University
ARKANSAS, David ER Gay, University of Arkansas
CALIFORNIA, Gary Anderson, California State at Northridge
                    David Saurman, San Jose State University
COLORADO, Barry Poulson, University of Colorado
CONNECTICUT, Dominick Armentano, University of Hartford
DELAWARE, Lee Anderson, College of Marine Sciences, Uni of Delaware
                    Burton Abrams, University of Delaware
FLORIDA, Bruce Benson, Florida State University
GEORGIA, Dwight R Lee, University of Georgia (also Washington Uni, St Louis MI)
HAWAII, Suuner LaCroix, University of Hawaii, Honolulu
IDAHO, Allan Dalton, Boise State University
ILLINOIS, Bill Bryan, University of Illinois
                    Fred McChesney,School of Law, Uni of Chicago.
                    James Heins, University of Illinois
INDIANA, Cecil Bohanon, Ball State University, Muncie
IOWA, Thomas Pogue University of Iowa, Iowa City
                   Todd Sandler, Iowa State University, Ames
KANSAS, John Howe, School of Business, Uni of Kansas, Lawrence
                   Michael Babcock, Kansas State Uni, Manhattan
KENTUCKY, Brian Goff, Western Kentucky University
LOUISIANA, Michael Kurth, McNeese State University
MAINE, Robert McMahon, University of Southern Maine
MASSACHUSETTS, Simon Rottenberg, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
                   David Tuerck, Suffolk University, Boston
MICHIGAN, Peter Boettke, Oakland University, Rochester
                    Lawrence Brunner, Central Michigan Uni, Mount Pleasant.
                    David Fand, Wayne State University, Detroit.
MINNESOTA, Raymond Raab Uni of Minnesota/JP Consulting, Deluth
                    Jack Militello, College of St Thomas, St Paul.
MISSISSIPPI, Samson Kimenyi, University of Mississippi
MISSOURI, Thomas L Wyrick, Southwest Missouri State University
                    Thomas I. Wyrick, Southwest Missouri State University
MONTANA, Terry L Anderson, Montana State University, Bozeman
NEBRASKA, Craig R MacPhee, University of Nebraska, Lincoln
NEW HAMPSHIRE, Dennis Logue, Tuck School of Business, Dartmouth College
NEW JERSEY, Jeff Ray Clark, Farleigh Dickinson Uni/Contractor
NEW MEXICO, Allen Parkman, University of New Mexico, Alburquerque
NEW YORK, Roger Congleton, Clarkson University, Potsdam
                    Allan Leiken State Uni of New York, Stony Brook.
NORTH DAKOTA, Cliff Dobitz, North Dakota State University
OHIO, Mark Toma, Miami University, Oxford
                   Richard Vedder, Ohio University, Athens
OKLAHOMA, Joseph Jadlow, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater
                    Edward O Price Oklahoma State University
OREGON, William Mitchell, University of Oregon, Eugene
PENNSYLVANIA, Ann Harper-Fender, Gettysburg College
                    Jack Militello, College of St Thomas, St Paul (also Minnesota)
RHODE ISLAHD, Arthur Mead, University of Rhode Island. Kingston
SOUTH CAROLINA, Cotton Mather Lindsay. Clemson University
                    Ryan Amacher, Clemson University
SOUTH DAKOTA, Dennis Hein, Augustana College, Sioux Falls
TENNESSEE, Brian Goff, Western Kentucky Uni, Bowling Green
                    F. Steb Hipple East Tennessee, State, Johnson City
                    JR Clark University of Tennessee, Martin (also New Jersey)
TEXAS, S Charles Maurice, Texas A&M University
                    Michael Davis, Southern Methodist University
                    Morgan Reynolds, Texas A&M University, College Station
VIRGINIA, Henry Butler, George Mason Uni, School of Law
                    Richard B Wagner, Center for Study of Public Choice, George Mason Uni.
                    Walter Williams, George Mason University.
WASHINGTON, Mark Schmitz, (Consultant) Seattle
WEST VIRGINIA, John David, West Virginia Inst. of Technology, Montgomery.
WISCONSIN, William Hunter, Marquette University, Milwaukee (also CSPC)
WYOMING, Chuck Mason, University of Wyoming, Laramie [1]