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Texans for Peace, originally founded in 1993, is a non-profit organization for "Texans who believe in peace and social justice".[1]

The principal goals of Texans for Peace are:

  • "To serve as a central source for information about peace and justice organizations and events across Texas.
  • To provide curriculum and teacher training materials for school nonviolence throughout the state
  • To represent Texas throughout the U.S. and the world as "peace ambassadors"
  • To develop resources and capacity to grow peace and justice organizations in Texas."[1]

Texans for Peace, as a peace and social justice organization, is involved in a variety of issues ranging from immigrant rights to environmental justice. Much of its activities in recent years have been to build support to end the war in Iraq.


Texans for Peace founder, Charlie Jackson, is active in international direct action in conflict areas. He has been on peacemaking trips to Bosnia, Iraq and Guatemala.

Contact Details

Texans for Peace
11900 Metric Blvd., Ste. J-163,
Austin, TX 78758
Email: info AT texansforpeace.org
Phone: 512-736-8385
Website: http://www.texansforpeace.org and http://www.texansforpeace.org/endthewar website with daily news from Iraq.

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