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The Gateway Trust "is an educational charity registered in the United Kingdom.

"We are a group of editors, film-makers, publishers, researchers and writers from different countries. We want to see many more voices from Arabic-speaking and predominantly Muslim countries published in English and in other European languages.

"Our mission is to create a gateway of knowledge between developed and developing countries – particularly those with Arabic-speaking and predominantly Muslim populations. We have been active since 2003.

"We want to help new and established writers of non-fiction who have yet to be heard in English as well as other European languages. These will be individuals with fresh, or innovative perspectives on current affairs and history, environment, science and technology. We do not provide direct support for translations, but help to advise on publication, promotion and international distribution...

"We are also supported by the Organization of the Islamic Conference International Centre for Research in Islamic History, Art and Culture, based in Istanbul; the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, based in Paris, and Pluto Press, based in London and Virginia in the United States." [1]


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International Advisory Group

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