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The Limited Service Corporation (LSC) is a subsidiary of garment industry giant Limited Brands, Inc. (formerly The Limited, Inc.) of Columbus, Ohio. The Limited Brands, Inc., website identifies LSC as a "support company." [1]

The "support" function of The Limited Service Corp. within Limited Brands, Inc., is undetermined. One indication comes from an online resume which states that the applicant had "Audited Legal, Accounting, and Consulting records for period close for all Limited Service Corporation ... entities". A 1997 sample contract identifies The Limited Service Corporation as a Delaware corporation. The CPA Journal identifies LSC as "The Company," indicating that is the legal and auditing services branch of Limited Brands. [2][3]

A fourth document refers to "the Employer (Limited Service Company and its affiliates)," further indicating that LSC is the company and Limited Brands, Inc., is the branded label. [4] This may be confirmed by a legal opinion regarding "Law corporations and names": [5]

"The Act itself states that the corporate name shall end with the word 'Chartered', 'Limited', Service Corporation, or 'S.C.' The name must not be misleading or deceptive."

However, as demonstrated by the external links below, one major function would appear to be as a vehicle to deliver significant amounts of soft money funds to political candidates and causes of interest to the parent company.

Contact details

Limited Brands, Inc.
Three Limited Parkway
P.O. Box 16000
Columbus, OH 43216
Phone: (614) 415-7000
Fax: (614) 415-7094

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