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The PBN Company is a public relations firm headquartered in Washington, DC. It also has offices in London, Moscow, Kyiv (Kiev), Riga, Almaty, and Chisinau. [1]

The company handles public relations for Victor Yushchenko, the western-leaning candidate in Ukraine's disputed presidential elections in 2004. The domain name is registered to Myron Wasylyk at PBN, and redirects to Yushchenko's campaign website at [2] [3]

A November 2001 media alert promoting a news conference at the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) conference room for Yushchenko's Our Ukraine electoral bloc was put out by the PBN Company, and lists Wasylyk as the press contact. It is now only available via the Google cache. [4]

A NED report of Yushchenko's trip to Washington described him as "the leader of Our Ukraine, a coalition of pro-reform, market oriented political parties working to consolidate democratic forces and to lay the groundwork for free and fair elections"

"We have good reason to believe that for the first time in the 10-year history of our independence, democratic forces of Ukraine have a good chance of winning a majority in parliament.Right now our concern is how to guarantee that the coming elections will be transparent, free and fair," he said. (NED have funded a range of projects in the Ukraine in recent years.) [5]


"Whether we are representing a global brand extending its presence in the region of the former Soviet Union and Baltic States, or aiding a growing regional company to prepare for globalization, we bring the same commitment and depth of knowledge to our client assignments," TBN boasts on its website.[6].

PBN Company's clients include:

The company website states that clients also include "governments interested in achieving their policy objectives at home and abroad."

Contact details

2000 L Street, NW, Suite 835
Washington, DC 20036
Tel: 1.202.466.6210
Fax: 1.202.466.6205
Email: pbnwashdc AT

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