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Tom Estabrook "holds a Ph.D. in geography and political economy, with a focus on labor/environmental coalitions, from Clark University.

"He has organized community groups around pollution prevention, contamination of low-income communities, corporate accountability and worker health and safety. During his ten years as a trainer with The New England Consortium, he has conducted many specialized on-site courses including 24-hour emergency responder training, all-hazards emergency preparedness training, pollution prevention training, and Y2K chemical safety awareness training. He helped create a 25-minute video on clean production for use in pollution prevention workshops. He applies popular education (empowerment) techniques at every opportunity. Prior to his work with TNEC, he served as coordinator of the Louisiana Labor-Neighbor Project (a project of the Oil, Chemical and Atomic Workers' Union) and Executive Director of the Boston-based Massachusetts Toxics Campaign. He is a governing board member of the Alliance for a Healthy Tomorrow, a coalition of public health, environmental, community and labor organizations promoting progressive environmental policies in Massachusetts. He is also an active union leader in the Massachusetts Teachers Association." [1]

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