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In 1993 Thomas L. Phillips founded and is the chairman of Eagle Publishing, the parent company of the conservative publishing house, Regnery Publishing.

Phillips is Chairman and President of Phillips International which he founded in 1974 to publish newsletters.

"The firm's 500 employees produce widely respected newsletters and on-line information services for the consumer investment and health marketplaces. Phillips International is also recognized for its thriving vitamin and nutritional supplement business. The company closed calendar 2000 with more than $350 millions in sales," his biogrpahical note states.[1]

According to his biographical note Phillips was a founding member of the Newsletter Publishers Association and "serves on the Board of Young America's Foundation, sponsor of the Ronald Reagan Leadership Program".

"He is on the Board of the Fund for American Studies and Chairman of the Board of Visitors for the Institute on Political Journalism. Tom also serves on the Board of the National Legal Center for Public Interest," his biographical note states.

"He is also a member of the Republican National Committee's Regents Program, and the Advisory Board of the Claremont Institute. Tom is Chairman of the Chairman's Council of the Republican Party of Orange County, California, and a member of the World Presidents' Organization, an international organization of business leaders," his biographical note states.

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