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According to its website, the Transport Research Group (TRG) was an "unaffiliated, independent organisation, which aims to facilitate discussion between representatives of various transport interests". It was closely associated with the LM group. The director, Austin Williams, is a regular contributor to e-zine Spiked online and, both mouthpieces of the network.

In December 2003, Williams organised a one-day conference, "Future Cities", at the London School of Economics, sponsored by the Architects' Journal, but not the Cities Programme (despite belief that it was). Speakers included LM group luminaries such as Claire Fox, Phil Mullan, Daniel Ben-Ami, Sandy Starr and Ceri Dingle.

In February 2005, Williams organised another one-day conference in London, "the Future of London" at the Museum of London.

In the wake of these conferences, the TRG seems to have morphed into the Future Cities Project.

The TRG website is managed by Rob Lyons of Spiked online.

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