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Trevor Potter, who heads the public interest group Campaign Legal Center, is a former Chairman of the Federal Election Commission.

Potter, legal counsel to The Reform Institute, served as Arizona Republican Senator John McCain's legal counsel in his 2000 "failed presidential bid." [1]

Potter "primly described by the [New York] Times as President of the Campaign Legal Center and former Chair of the Federal Election Commission, is also a lawyer in private practice who has helped his clients—many of them reformers—preserve for themselves generous opportunities for aggressive fundraising practices. He has been counsel to the Reform Institute, a 501(c)(3) helpful to Mr. McCain in soliciting soft money and paying close advisors. Carl Hulse and Anne E. Kornblutt, 'McCain Allies Seek Reform and the Money to Get It,' New York Times (March 8, 2005). His other clients have included the Republican Main Street Partnership, a complex of organizations run for the benefit of moderate Republican officeholders—including reformers John McCain and Olympia Snowe—in promoting their political worldview." [2]

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