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Trillium Corporate Communications describes itself as a "full-service Public Relations consulting firm specializing in media relations, communications training and corporate communications." It is based in Toronto, Canada, and was founded in 1997. [1]

Among the media services offered by the firm are "selecting and training media spokespeople," "planning and executing media briefings, events and tours," and "producing and distributing B-roll." [2]

Nuclear power

Trillium helped promote an event with Greenpeace activist turned industry PR consultant Patrick Moore, at at The Canadian Club of Toronto on September 17, 2007. Trillium's press release said that Moore would host "a lively and engaging debate arguing that, much of the environmental movement, including Greenpeace, has lost its way when it comes to nuclear power, caught up in politically correct ideology and stooping to sensationalism to garner support." [3]"In Ontario, CANDU nuclear energy is the greatest single contributor to carbon reduction relative to all other energy producing technologies," the announcement stated. The release listed Trillium's Laurie Weir and Josh Turner as contacts; the client was not clear.

However, a week earlier Weir and Turner had also been the contacts on another media alert promoting a September 13 visit to Toronto of Patrick Lamarre, the President & CEO of SNC-Lavalin Nuclear Inc., a member of Team CANDU, a coalition of nuclear engineering companies promoting the construction of new CANDU nuclear power plants. "Ontario's CANDU technology is ready to meet the global demands of the nuclear renaissance. And here at home, CANDU nuclear can play a major role as an innovative industry in a province facing major changes to its traditional manufacturing base.Ontario and the world are looking at CANDU nuclear technology to play a key role in providing future base load electrical supply," the release stated. [4]


From the firm's website: [5]

Contact information


160 Eglinton Avenue East
Suite 602
Toronto, ON Canada
M4P 3B5

Tel: (416) 322-3030
Fax: (416) 322-5584


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