Trust us: We're the tobacco industry

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Trust us: We're the tobacco industry, a report by Ross Hammond and Andy Rowell for Action on Smoking and Health and The Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids. May, 2001.

Summary of published report: (taken from the report)

This is a concise guide to the millions of pages of confidential tobacco industry documents released through litigation in the United States. Quotes from the documents are organized by subject category with many links to the documents on internet sites. The documents reveal the truth about what was going on behind closed doors in the tobacco companies and how they said one thing in public, and something quite different in private. Having been confronted with hundreds of documents that were impossible to explain away, the companies have tried to distance themselves from the past. The epilogue addresses the companies' new argument that "we've changed!" We show that the supposed change is cosmetic - no more than skin-deep public relations.

Table of contents:
1. Introduction - Can anyone trust the tobacco industry?
2. Addiction
3. Advertising
4. Agriculture and the International Tobacco Growers Association
5. Developing Countries
6. Economics, Taxes, and Trade
7. Second-hand Smoke/Environmental Tobacco Smoke
8. Labelling
9. Tobacco Industry Lobbying
10. Media Relations
11. Product Design: “Light” and “Low Tar” Cigarettes
12. Tobacco Smuggling
13. The World Health Organization and Other Enemies
14. Women
15. Youth Smoking
16. Epilogue—Has the Tobacco Industry Changed?
Appendix: Searching Tobacco Industry Documents: information and hints