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According to a 2000 article in Salon: "The goal of the Turning Point Project, say its organizers, is to open a debate about the culture's "technomania." From e-commerce to computers in the schools to virtual community -- these dystopic doomsayers find something to lament about virtually every aspect of contemporary technoculture. The picture they paint of the future is even grimmer: self-generating robots leading us to a "post-biological" future, a society in which a genetically enhanced "GenRich" elite rules. Are you ready for "designer babies"? How about a pet that's a "chimera" -- half-human and half-animal? (Actually, that one sounds kind of cool.)

"In the marketplace of ideas, our contribution is to get these ideas out there, debated and thought over, as opposed to the ideas that are simply disguised propaganda for certain economic interests," says Herb Chao Gunther, president of the Public Media Center, a nonprofit ad agency that helped the groups put together the ads." [1]

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