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USDA Circulars refers to historic publications of the United States Department of Agriculture.

Circulars on Poultry

  • USDA Circular No. 13: Brood coops and appliances.[1]
  • USDA Circular No. 14: Care of baby chicks. 1919.[2]
  • USDA Circular No. 16: Lice, mites and cleanliness. 1919.[3]
  • USDA Circular No. 17: Management of growing chicks. 1919.[4]
  • USDA Circular No. 18: Culling for eggs & market. 1919.[5]
  • USDA Circular No. 19: Poultry houses. 1919.[6]
  • USDA Circular No. 20: Common poultry diseases. 1919.[7]
  • USDA Circular No. 31: Culling the poultry flock: why, when, and how. 1919.[8]
  • USDA Circular No. 36: Use of poultry club products. 1919.[9]
  • USDA Circular No. 52: How to wrap heads. 1919.
  • USDA Circular No. 55: How to load cars of eggs. 1919.
  • USDA Circular No. 71: Winter egg production. By Alfred R. Lee. 1917.[10]
  • USDA Circular No. 73: The cold storage of eggs and poultry. By Thomas William Heitz. 1929.
  • USDA Circular No. 82: Hints to poultry raisers. By George Arthur Bell. 1905.
  • USDA Circular No. 107: The Agricultural Situation for 1918: Part XI Poultry: One Hundred Hens on Every Farm - One Hundred Eggs from Every Hen. 1918.[11]
  • USDA Circular No. 126: Pathological conditions ascribed to nematodes in poultry. By Eloise Blaine Cram. 1930.[12]
  • USDA Circular No. 142: Analysis of the operations of a cooperative livestock concentration point. By John H. Lister and Cortes Gilbert Randell. 1931.
  • USDA Circular No. 208: The organization of girls' poultry clubs. By Harry M. Lamon. 1913.
  • USDA Circular No. 235: Utility value of pure-bred live stock. By Dallas Stockwell Burch. 1922.
  • USDA Circular No. 391: Methods of packing eggs and of buffing and bracing cases of eggs in carload shipments. By Rob R. Slocum. 1926.
  • USDA Circular No. 446: Poultry management in subtropical, semiarid climates. By Burt Walter Heywang. 1937.
  • USDA Circular No. 525: Artificial Insemination of Chickens and Turkeys. 1939.
  • USDA Circular No. 583: Eggs and egg products. 1941.[13]
  • USDA Circular No. 628: Fowl paralysis (avian leukosis complex). By Walter Jay Hall. 1942.[14]
  • USDA Circular No. 715: Poultry-breeding-stock selection for desired characters. By Albert B. Godfrey. 1944.
  • USDA Circular No. 738: Functional requirements in designing laying houses for poultry. By Wallace Ashby. 1945.
  • USDA Circular No. 755: Fowl typhoid. By Walter Jay Hall. 1946.[15]
  • USDA Circular No. 788: Nutritive requirements and feed formulas for chickens. By Herbert Roderick Bird. 1948.[16]
  • USDA Circular No. 898: Thermostablization of shell eggs: quality retention in storage. By Harry E. Goresline, Kirby M. Hayes, and Alfred W. Otte. 1952.
  • USDA Circular No. 902: Consumer acceptance of thermostabilized oil-processed, and natural shell eggs: a pilot study. By Kirby M. Hayes, Harry E. Goresline, and Roy E. Moser, Jr. 1952.[17]
  • USDA Circular No. 911: A study of the washing and storage of dirty shell eggs. By Orme J. Kahlenberg. 1952.[18]
  • USDA Circular No. 930: Studies on sanitizing methods for use in poultry processing. By Edwin E. Drewniak. 1954.[19]
  • USDA Circular No. 932: An analysis of commercial frozen egg products. By Edward R. Baush and Harry E. Goresline. 1953.[20]
  • USDA Circular No. 970: Lymphomatosis in chickens. 1955.[21]

Circulars on Livestock

  • USDA Circular No. 567: Artificial insemination in livestock breeding. 1940. Revised 1950.[22]

Circulars on the Agricultural Situation in World War I

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