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{{#badges: CoalSwarm |Navbar-Coalexports}} United Bulk Terminal is in Davant, Louisiana. It specializes in the handling of coal and petroleum coke.[1]


The terminal is located on 1,134 acres (460 hectares) of land, at mile 55 on the Mississippi River south of New Orleans in Davant, Louisiana.

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In 2014 environmental groups filed a federal lawsuit against United Bulk's coal export facility in Plaquemines Parish, alleging the facility is polluting the Mississippi River. The suit states that the United Bulk terminal annually ships 10 million tonnes of coal and petroleum coke to overseas markets.[2]


In 2014 United Bulk said it was investing about $80 million to double the terminal's export capacity from 10 to 20 million tonnes a year. The company plans to export coal from Illinois.[3][4]

However, in 2016 the terminal's capacity was still reported to be 10 mtpa.[5]

Project Details

  • Owner: Marquard & Bahls
  • Location: Davant, Louisiana
  • Capacity (Million tonnes per annum): 10
  • Status: Operating
  • Coal Source: Illinois


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