United Jewish Israel Appeal

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The United Jewish Israel Appeal is an organisation in the United Kingdom.


Our Vision is that future generations of Jews will be safe, proud and knowledgeable members of the Jewish People, committed to our unique heritage and to the eternity of Israel.


Our Mission is to secure the future of the Jewish People.

We pursue this mission by mobilising the UK Jewish community's support for:

  • the Rescue of Jews in need throughout the world, and their absorption into Israel.
  • the Renewal of Jewish life in Britain, and of our partnership with Israel


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Contact details

Contact: Rosalind Chazen
Balfour House
741 High Road
London N12 0BQ
Phone: (020)8369 5000
Fax: (020)8369 5001
Email: central AT ujia.org
Web: http://www.ujia.org