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Wrekin Forum (Formerly the University for Spirit Forum)

"The UfS Forum is a working name of the Wrekin Trust ( Registered UK Charity No. 262303). Those involved in its organisation include David Lorimer - Executive Vice President, Janice Dolley - co-ordinator (The Wrekin Trust), Carole Atrill (Intra-Intel Educators), William Bloom , Richard Brinton (Hawkwood College), Chris Clarke, Elizabeth Dowse and Vince Dowse (Centre of New Directions), Josie Gregory, Malcolm Hollick (Findhorn Foundation College), Mike King (Centre for Postsecular Studies), Herta Larive, Tessa Maskell (The Emissaries), Andrew McDowell (WYSE), Christine Morgan (The Lucis Trust), Leon Schlamm. ..

"The UfS Forum is part of a world-wide movement towards personal and planetary transformation at a time of major social change and spiritual awakening. It seeks to encourage the emergence of a culture that is based on universal spiritual values and a holistic worldview, and awakened to a new consciousness. We believe that education, both formal and informal, has a pivotal role to play in the emergence of such a new culture."[1]


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