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All superdelegates are officially classified here as endorsing Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton or are "undeclared." However, with some superdelegates hedging or switching their endorsements, these designations were created to give more nuance:

  • "Wobblers" are superdelegates that have endorsed Clinton or Obama, but that endorsement is considered less than solid. They are still included in the superdelegate endorsement counts but are among the most likely to change their endorsement.
  • "Leaners" are superdelegates who are officially "undeclared" but there is reason to believe they are leaning towards Clinton or Obama.
  • "Populists" are superdelegates who have said that they will abide by the voters' decision, be that determined by the popular vote or "regular" delegates and at the congressional district, state or national level. Those that have endorsed but said their rationale was the vote are still counted in Clinton or Obama's totals. Undeclared populists are presumably waiting for their criteria to be met.

To see why each superdelegate has their particular status, click on their name in the main chart above and see the "2008 superdelegate" section in their profile. For the specific criteria for determining "wobbler," "leaner" or "populist" status, see here.

Things you can do:

We need your help to classify the wobblers, leaners and populists. This is a great way to keep track of leads or other information that doesn't quite meet the endorsement criteria but is still useful. Because campaign contributions and the popular vote are great indicators of a future endorsement, we also use that to find "leaners" and "wobblers." People who believe the superdelegates should follow the will of the voters also find the "populist" designation useful.