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Secretlondon from wikipedia, I drop in occasionally.

On Wikipedia I mainly contribute articles on political parties and movements. See: List of political parties, List of Trotskyist Internationals and others.

User:/Secretlondon/List of UK articles that should be written

What am I doing here?

Most of the work that the Americans are doing here has not been done for the UK. We actually know very little about the interrelations between our think tanks, political groups, lobby groups and others. At the moment I am entering data on UK groups, and making red links for all names. Using "what links here" we can see individual interrelations.

The UK work on this wiki is not at the moment that connected with the rest of the wiki. I guess as we dig further this may change. Our networks of corruption are not at the moment that related to yours.

and the time may come when organizational links develop, as well as be discovered; and there are also opportunities to link indirectly through common themes and interests. (Sauron's ring?) --Maynard 10:53 24 Dec 2003 (EST)

As no-one seems terribly concerned by mine and morwen's work we shall continue. If you think we are building a wiki within a wiki please say.

I'm very happy to see your contributions to the SourceWatch. Thanks for joining us! FYI, I've just created a page defining "All-Party Parliamentary Group," which is a term that may be unfamiliar to many people in the United States. Please feel free to revise the definition as you think appropriate. --Sheldon Rampton 13:47 24 Dec 2003 (EST)


Welcome and thanks for your work in starting to fill in the European end of the picture. You have been busy over the Christmas break!

Three small favours that can save me some work on your referencing style -- 1)when you want to put a reference at a point in an article there's no need to preface the web address with additional brackets and "from" - so instead of (from [1]) just [2] is sufficient. 2)Also the general style is to put the reference at the end of the material cited - when pasting in lists of names such as staff etc you have the reference before the list but after when using a quote in text afterwards. Better to standardise on the source following the cited material. 3)On some occasions you have listed the date when information was current - this is great. When listing an article in the "external links" section it is also worth listing the dates that the web pages were accessed given their transient nature. thanks -- Bob Burton