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17 September 2009
Hi Stewart,

Thanks for your contributions. Please make sure you reference all material you add to authoritative sources. The entire background section now requires references (note the "fact" tags after each paragraph). If references are not available, we'll need to move the info to the "Talk" page until we can get them. The section I am talking about is as follows:


Whist was born in Denmark but migrated to Australia as a youth. He became a 'real Aussie' with very little accent and Anglicized his name Andreas Ulf Whist, to Andrew. Later he Americanized it with a middle-initial "J" (which meant nothing, but copied President Truman's precedence) when he arrive in the USA.[citation needed]

He trained as a Certified Public Accountant in Melbourne, Victoria, at about the same time that Bill Murray and Geoffrey Bible were also gaining their CPA certificates, so it is likely that these three were friends from the 1970s.[citation needed]

He joined Philip Morris Australia in August 1968, at the express request of Hamish Maxwell who was in charge of PM International. He had previously worked in Australia for Hush Puppies shoe business, and he joined PM as a brand manager, but quickly rose to take the role of Head of Public Relations and assistant to the managing director.[citation needed]

Anne Landman, TobaccoWiki Editor