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Dear Bhuston: Thank you for your many excellent contributions to SW and your kind words about our efforts on Marcellus Shale. We appreciate yours as well and I will flag your video for our researcher on the drilling issues.

I have upgraded your permissions to administrator. Looking forward to seeing the image and also to your future contributions to SW.

Thank you again!! Lisa

Lisa Graves

Thanks Lisa!!! --Bhuston 05:23, 2 December 2010 (UTC)

SGEIS Discussion

Dear Bhuston, I'm currently reviewing the dSGEIS and have been sending comments in. I'm also somewhat familiar with Wikis us usual talking stuff through on discussion pages first. In particular I'm concerned

  1. There is no up to date complete water model that has current floodplains and could model run off and impacts if floods hit. Particularly if waste treatment plants are located in flood plains even if well pads are not. Basically ther's no integrated model to assess the cumulative impact to our water system if all these changes occurred and we had a extreme event like the last flood or and earthquake occur.
  2. The State absolves itself of all liability exclusively holding the permitee responsible even if they are an individual. I'm worried that no one seems to ensure they have the wherewithal to honor that responsibility.
  3. The economics in the dSGEIS seem very slanted toward an industry bias only mentioning revenues with no costs. Indeed the Considine report referenced on 2-4 was retracted by Penn State due to lack of attribution to The Marcellus Shale Coalition it's sponsor. Since we now have actual revenues and costs from Pa. shouldn't they be usedd and not industry estimates.

Before I go cutting these in and hosing up what looks like a lot of good work I'd like to have a little discussion on them to see whether they're valid, already covered somewhere and finally where they'd best fit. A little more work upfront but saves correcting bad edits which is more work. Could we use the Talk:2011 SGEIS Flaws(NY) page for these type discussions? Thanks for your time and sorry about the long write-up--The dark side 02:34, 30 October 2011 (UTC)