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Tuesday, November 22, 2011 11:48 a.m. MST

Hi Bill,

Please reformat/re-write the SourceWatch page you created on Leaded gasoline to fit SourceWatch style. For SW style, start the article off with words in the name and a short sentence of what the article is about, e.g.,

Leaded gasoline is a form of automotive fuel widely used during and prior to the 1970s which contributed to air pollution.

Your article really contains no information so far on exactly what "leaded gasoline" is, or its relationship to SW's mission.

I corrected the reference style for the first two references you cite. Please reformat your references in the style I provided.

Thank you for contributing!

Anne Landman, CMD Editor

Hi Bill, welcome to CoalSwarm. I understand that Ted has been in touch. FYI there is a help page here CoalSwarm: How to Get Involved which has some useful tips in the bottom half of the page.

In particular, if you are ever having a problem and you want quick help, have a look at the Recent changes page and see if anyone else is online and then post a note to the talk page of whoever is online at the same time. In particular, for coal matters the other regular CoalSwarm editors are Bob Burton (Australia), Brickburner (US), Ted Nace (US) or Cshearer19 (US).

cheers, --Bob Burton 20:36, 4 May 2011 (UTC)

PS. The editor of the entire SourceWatch site is User:Anne Landman, who may be able to help if one of the other CoalSwarm editors are not online.