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An Old Friend (Message to Neoconned

Well I guess it’s a small world after all. You may recall that we met at the gathering when Amy Goodman was in London on January 30 last year. I remember you saying you were a big player on a wiki and I’ve been reading SourceWatch articles for a long time but I never put 2 and 2 together that you were talking about SourceWatch. Hope your doing alright geezer. I also recall you said that you always favoured some constructive criticism. Well here goes!

I see you were a little rude to Artificial Intelligence when you stated that AI’s work was poorly referenced and inaccurate as regards the Aviation Worldwide Services, LLC I think you will find that Artificial Intelligence is one of the most reliable people on SourceWatch and your comments smacked of high level arrogance. You need to stop your Cheshire Cat type comments.

Another area where you have some weakness is over that complete nonsense you started over the VeriSign stuff to do with Vets for Freedom. I mean where did you pick that tripe up? Even Sheldon Rampton, one of the most respected investigators on fake news, told you to cool your jets and basically stop following stories that don’t exist. However, what was somewhat stomach churning was your sweet saccharine reply to him. I mean have some backbone, you were so adamant you had come across the greatest secret ever and then you started quivering in your crypt when you were ticked off. [1]

Your articles to do with Extraordinary Rendition are also very disappointing, I mean no one can access all your sources. You seem to be just clueless. Here is an idea genius why don’t you make those articles accessible so we can all see your level of accuracy. And your stuff on Angola and the people connected to UNITA which may well be true, but where are the sources? I suggest you stop writing those pages as you have been doing recently as some of your comments border on being libellous.

One thing I find amazing was how you banned that R Cooley geezer who actually in fact did not say anything rude or abusive. He accused you of something very doggy which obviously touched a raw nerve with you because you suddenly banned him. I hope it is not true. If we look at his last message, he said absolutely nothing wrong. [2] Certainly it is hard to justify those allegations but equally it is impossible to deny them because you won’t publicly reveal who you are. You seem to hide under your codename. He has said something that to me does suggest your connection with Tepper is more than just a recent trend. Also you stated that if he could point to any errors you would look at it. He compiled a list and yet you banned him again. Where was the democracy Sort it out mate!! I guess that is probably a lot for you to digest so I’ll leave that for now but I have some more suggestions on how you can improve yourself. I’ll speak soon mate. Until next time take care of yourself and each other. (Couch Potato 22:34, 5 Jun 2006 (EDT))

Cor blimey guv! Strike a light! Cockles and eels, innit? Thanks for treating us to that - it's a very amusing example of an American trying to sound like a Londoner. However, we say "dodgy" not "doggy". And "cool your jets" is an American idiom, not a UK idiom. Good effort though :) --Neoconned 23:27, 5 Jun 2006 (EDT)