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Hi David, I uploaded that file for you and it worked ok. The upload page is here and the direct link to the file is here cheers --Bob Burton 04:16, 6 December 2009 (UTC)


Hi David,

You may find this of interest -

I found this while investigating (SFI) Sustainable Forestry Initiative, which appears to be an industry front group. One of the controversies of these groups is the spraying of herbicides and insecticides on forestry properties apparently under the the review of state and federal government regulatory agencies (Integrated Pest Management). See the table on page 3 for chemicals other than Atrazine.

As to the crypto-presence of these chemicals, please take note that the clients of these organizations have been practicing this type of spraying for quite some time in conjunction with the surprising quietude of the usual environmental organizations.

James -

THANK YOU James for your interest...please feel free to continue our conversation by direct email if needed: