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Hi Kaethin, welcome to Sourcewatch and thanks for the work you have been doing on the pages on proposed power stations. I have worked my way through a number of the pages and posted some notes on Ted's page at User talk:Tednace. Feel free to drop me a line (my email is at the foot of all SourceWatch pages) if you have any queries. best wishes --Bob Burton 04:00, 18 December 2007 (EST)

Hi Kaethin,

thanks for all the work you have been doing on those pages - they are looking great.

Two minor points:

1. A minor referencing point on the location of full stops. (I have changed the < ref > tag so the coding below displays) It looks better if instead of this

In August 2007, GNPD withdrew its air quality permit application; however, SHC is considering submitting a proposal to build an IGCC plant in the same location< ref >South Heart on Life Support", Dakota Counsel, August 2007 (Pdf)< /ref >.

the full stops are placed at the end of the sentence (or clause is there are multiple refs in one sentence) being referenced and then at the end of the date but before the closing ref tag so that it looks like

In August 2007, GNPD withdrew its air quality permit application; however, SHC is considering submitting a proposal to build an IGCC plant in the same location.< ref >South Heart on Life Support", Dakota Counsel, August 2007. (Pdf)< /ref >

2. When you post a new category tag on a page for the first time it will display in red. The software will only index all the articles with that tag after the category page itself has been created. So if you post an articles with "Category:West Virginia proposed coal plants" and the category page itself hasn't been created it will show in red. To create the index page simply click on the red link, post Category: US proposed coal plants (with the addition of the square brackets at either end) and save. Hey presto, your new category has been creatd and the page will dsiplay all the pages with your WV tag included. cheers, --Bob Burton 14:29, 12 January 2008 (EST)

Add months sub-heads to calendar?

Hi Kaethin, I was thinking it might make it easier to find forthcoming events by adding month/year subheads in the calender. What do you think? --Bob Burton 23:24, 17 March 2008 (EDT)

==Refs on

Hi Kaethin, I added a couple of refs re Lansing Board of Water and Light and the scenarios modelling and the $10 carbon tax -- but I'm not quite sure they cover off the point as they don't mention an internal review. See what you think anyway. --Bob Burton 06:27, 16 August 2008 (EDT)


Hi Kaethin -- I did a little tweaking on the The economic crisis and coal but was wondering whether the title should be changed a little. I guess I was thinking whether it should be "The 2008 economic crisis and coal" (if the scope is intended to be global) or "The 2008 economic crisis and coal in the U.S." (if it is intended to remain specifically about the US. I was thinking that it would be worth adding 2008 into the title so that people seeing the article in a list of search results see that it is a new article and that -- in a few years time -- it will be clear what it was about. And of course, we can amend the title later if we need to amend the year range. What do you think? ----

Query on category

Hi Kaethin, I'm in the process of cleaning up various category tags and came across an as yet unactivated category titled [[category:Power stations in the United States]] on the Nuclear power in the United States stub page. I'm wondering what to do with it and thought it might overlap with an existing CS tag but can't see anything. Is there an existing similar category tag that I'm missing that would be an umbrella tag that encompassese both coal and other existing power stations in the US? with thanks --Bob Burton 14:58, 15 December 2008 (EST)

Wording tweak

Hey Kaethin - I wonder if I can tweak the wording that we're adding to the bottom of proposed coal plant pages so that it says "State-by-state guide to information on coal in the United States" above the map. I made the change here: Talk:Articles on coal and I did it in the Unnamed Xcel Energy Plant page. I think this is better because we're not talking about going to another state page when we're not in a state page in the first place. Thanks. --Tednace 21:42, 30 December 2008 (EST)

May be of interest

Hi Kaethin - I have posted this note to Ted's page as well but I think you'll be equally interested. Here's the "Energy Supply and Use" chapter of the Global Climate Change Impacts in the United States that was recently released. This may be of some interest - I haven't had a chance to read it yet but it looks like there are some significant points in it vis a vis coal power plants. For example, it states that "There is a high likelihood that water shortages will limit power plant electricity production in many regions. Future water constraints on electricity production in thermal power plants are projected for Arizona, Utah, Texas, Louisiana, Georgia, Alabama, Florida, California, Oregon, and Washington state by 2025.191 Additional parts of the United States could face similar constraints as a result of drought, growing populations, and increasing demand for water for various uses, at least seasonally. 209 Situations where the development of new power plants is being slowed down or halted due to inadequate cooling water are becoming more frequent throughout the nation.191" --Bob Burton 01:36, 22 June 2009 (EDT)

Big threads on biomass

About a month ago there was a high-volume discussion on the no new coal list about biomass -- lots of intense opinions and also details on various kinds, some of which sounded pretty bad actually. I think we should stress that there are no easy generalizations to be made on the envir. pluses/minuses of biomass. Take a look especially at some of Alan Muller's comments. He's really dug in to this. We might ask him for a read when we're done.

Duplicate pages

Hi Kaethin, it seems like there are two pages on the same plant -- Healy Power Plant and Healy Clean Coal Plant. If They are both for the one plant, I'm not sure how'd you'd like to merge them and tidy up the related links.--Bob Burton 03:10, 23 August 2009 (EDT)

Barry Ash Pond

Barry Ash Pond is the coal ash disposal site associated with Barry Steam Plant, owned and operated by Southern Company near Bucks, AL.

<googlemap version="0.9.4" zoom="15" lat="31.0000" lon="-88.0200" type="satellite"> </googlemap>

Site Data

Information below derived from EPA's Coal Ash Survey database;[1] GPS coordinates courtesy of Earthjustice researchers

  • Owner: Alabama Power
  • Parent company: Southern Company
  • Assocated coal plant: Barry Steam Plant
  • Location: Bucks, AL 36512
  • GPS coordinates: 31.0000, -88.0200
  • Hazard potential: None assigned
  • Year commissioned: 1965
  • Year(s) expanded: 1972, 1992, 1998, 2004
  • Material(s) stored: Fly ash, Bottom ash, Boiler slag, FGD
  • Professional Engineer (PE) Designed?: No
  • PE Constructed?: No
  • PE Monitored?: Yes
  • Significant deficiencies identified: Confidential
  • Corrective measures: Confidential
  • Surface area (acres): Confidential
  • Storage capacity (acre feet): Confidential
  • Unit Height (feet): Confidential
  • Historical releases: None
  • Additional notes:



  1. Coal Ash Survey Results, Environmental Protection Agency, accessed December 2009.

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