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Hi MoralesforCongress,

I wanted to let you know about edits I made to the "Rogelio V. Morales" SW article. I removed the "Got PayPal?" section and also the part of the contact information section that gave information on how to donate to the campaign. Fundraising solicitations are not appropriate for SW. Thanks, --Judith Siers-Poisson 15:56, 18 January 2008 (EST)


Hello, and welcome to SourceWatch and its Congresspedia project. I'm Avelino Maestas, the assistant managing editor of Congresspedia. Thanks so much for your additions to Rogelio Morales' page - I think people in California will find them valuable.

If you'd like to report who has filed endorsements in the congressional races, we have an instruction page here.

Another thing people are participating in right now is adding each member of Congress' record on recent controversial votes. The Congresspedia staff wrote up some great summaries of the votes and you just have to look up how any member voted and fill in some blanks. Full details are here. Thanks again, and if you need any help you can consult the Help:Quick guide to editing, leave a message on my talk page or email me at this page.