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Hello and welcome to SourceWatch!

In response to your question, please feel free to add information to the Campaign Media Analysis Group article, or any other article of interest to you. There's no need to have special knowledge of the subject first. We do require all SourceWatch contributors to do careful research, and indicate where the info you add to an article came from, by using references.

How to do references on SourceWatch is explained here: SourceWatch:References. Other pages that may be helpful to you are SourceWatch:Contributing and Help:How to add an articles and resources section.

Feel free to ask me or SourceWatch editor Bob Burton if you have any questions.


Diane Farsetta 16:08, 21 July 2009 (EDT)


thanks for the encouraging reply, diane. I'm trying to work on studying with sourcewatch on a more regular basis, and hopefully, will soon be adding to the cmag article.