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The V-ONE Corporation, founded in 1993 and publicly held company since 1996, "develops and markets technology that enables highly secure information sharing over the Internet or any TCP/IP network via a suite of software solutions and appliance technologies. Proven and refined over the past ten years, V-ONE products protect communication at the network and application level on an extensive range of user client platforms. V-ONE's clientless solution combines the benefits of SSL VPN implementations with the added advantages of V-ONE's patented application level security technology," according to the company's web site

Key Customers

"V-ONE has met the rigorous standards of the U.S. Government for large-scale deployments in the National Security Agency, U.S. Department of the Treasury, FBI, law enforcement agencies, and branches of the military. V-ONE's open, standards-based technology with its distinctive patented features and innovative management capabilities make V-ONE the U.S. Federal Government's choice for securing the national intelligence information sharing network. V-ONE security solutions are also found in some of the largest financial, health, transportation, and consulting institutions worldwide, including IBM, Southwest Airlines, AMTRAK, Raytheon, and Credit Suisse First Boston." [1]


Executive Management

Board of Directors