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"Founded in 1991, the V. Kann Rasmussen Foundation’s (VKRF) work is based on the premise that since human activity lies at the core of most current environmental problems then human creativity and collaboration are at the heart of solving the problems these activities create. " [1]


Accessed April 2012: [2]

"The majority of VKRF’s Board of Trustees are members of the Kann Rasmussen family: Hans Kann Rasmussen, chairman of the board, and Anne-Margrete Ogstrup-Pedersen are children of Villum Kann Rasmussen, while Astrid Kann-Rasmussen and Kristian Kann Rasmussen are grandchildren. Dr. Lois E. H. Smith is a U.S. trustee.The Foundation’s staff includes Irene Krarup, associate director and primary contact for incoming programming questions and grant requests, and Dr. Lois E.H. Smith, managing director and science advisor."


"Since the establishment of VKRF in 1991, VKRF has made approximately 110 million dollars in grants to 120 organizations. We believe our joint efforts have resulted in positive contributions to the environment—and will continue to impact the planet in salutary ways." [3]

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Web: http://www.vkrf.org

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