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Vance is a unit of the SPX Corporation, founded in 1984 near Washington DC. It now comprises Vance International, Decision Strategies, and Fairfax Consulting. [1] The firm, a part of SPX's Industrial Products and Services unit, offers executive protection, uniformed guards, investigations, and training. It also provides asset protection and temporary labor for companies during strikes or natural disasters. [2]

On January 18, 2006, Garda World Security Corporation (TSX:GW) completed their acquisition of Vance for $67.25 million in cash." [3] [4] [5]


According to the company's web site, Vance "has served a wide-range of clients from virtually every industry, including Fortune 500 companies, multi-national businesses, and domestic corporations as well as U.S. and foreign governments. Vance International security practitioners are well versed in the latest security best practices and receive training based on methodologies derived from U.S. Secret Service doctrine. Vance International specializes in professional protective services with personnel, contacts, and offices in key locations throughout the world." Vance services include "executive protection, uniformed security officers, investigations, crisis management, asset protection, temporary labor, and security training." [6]

According to the liberal blog Daily Kos, "Vance was founded and until recently run by Chuck Vance, a former Secret Service agent who at one time was married to Gerald R. Ford's daughter. Vance used his Secret Service background in security and investigation to specialize in providing security during labor disputes. From the strikes at Pittston Coal, to Caterpillar, to Detroit Newspapers, if there was violence on the picket line of a high-profile strike, it was most likely provoked by the maladjusted ex-soldiers, angry cop wanna-be's, and CIA rejects who wear the jack-boots of Vance's Asset Protection Team." [7]


From their website: [8]

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Vance International
10467 White Granite Drive
Oakton, Va. 22124-2700
phone: (703) 592 1400 URL:

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