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Viking Alliance, Inc. is a defense contractor located in Fayetteville, NC [1].

The company is an affiliate of the WVC3 Group, Inc. [2], and is run by Walter Minton, a former US Special Forces soldier and mid-Western police chief [3].

The Loren Data Corp Commerce Business Daily from August 26, 1999 lists Viking Alliance as having received a contract from the US military for the 'Maneuver Support Battle Lab Limited Objective Experiment' project. According to the report: "Contractor shall conduct a field experiment in support of the efforts in the Non-Lethal(NL) and the Anti-Personnel Landmines Alternative (APLA) programs. The experiment will be conducted at Giat Industries, France during a one week time period in October 1999..." [4]

Holographic Weapon Sight manufacturer EOTech lists Viking Alliance as a distributor, under the US Department of Defense's Celtic Group [5].

Contact details [6]

Viking Alliance Intl.
201 S Mcpherson Church Road, Suite 105
Fayetteville, NC 28303-4913.
Phone: (910) 864-2223
Fax: (910) 864-7148
Wminton723 AT

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