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Viktor Schauberger (1885-1958)

"In 1933 he published a book Our Senseless Toil – The Source of the World Crisis (Unsere Sinnlose Arbeit), a criticism of contemporary ideas of science and technology. He prophesied the eventual collapse of our civilisation due to its arrogant and destructive attempts to control Nature, and its inability to understand how all of life is interconnected and interdependent...

"His efforts captured the attention of the Nazi authorities and he was forced to develop powerful turbines for the Third Reich's war effort using skilled concentration camp labour...

"Viktor’s son Walter, who had an academic physics education, decided to set up the Pythagoras Kepler System Institute (PKS) to study his father's research, with his own particular emphasis on mathematical research to demonstrate how his father's inventions followed basic laws of sacred geometry and the physics of Kepler. Richard St Barbe-Baker, a pioneer of forest conservation and replanting, and a friend of Viktor's, took Walter to universities in Britain to tell them about his father's research. Although the reception was favourable, these new ideas were rejected as being too challenging to conventional physics.

"Olof Alexandersson heard about the research at the PKS and interviewed Walter about his father's life and research which resulted in his book Det Levander Vattnet (Living Water) which was published in Sweden in 1976. The Scottish-origin Coats family entered the scene. Callum's father John Coats, who was the international vice-president of the Theosophical Society (died 1980), had connections all over the world. His mother, Betsan Coats, who also had a profound interest in ecological issues, heard about the PKS from Richard St. Barbe-Baker, and took their son Callum to meet Walter in 1977. Callum realised that his future work lay here. He eventually spent three years studying with Walter on a daily basis and started the huge project of translating Viktor’s prolific writings...

"At this point Alick Bartholomew stepped into the picture. He had started a pioneering publishing programme exploring new ideas in the human potential field. His main concern was to reconcile science with a spiritual worldview. His Turnstone Press list was a very eclectic mixture of philosophical and practical books, so when he was shown the Swedish edition of Alexandersson’s book, he recognised it at once as an important addition to his innovative list. Alick's scientific background was in geology and geography at the University of Cambridge. His introduction to a holistic worldview was initiated through the wide range of themes in the books he published in the Turnstone Press between 1971 and 1980.

"When Callum heard from that Alick was publishing an English language edition of Alexandersson’s book, he contacted Alick and offered his help with editing Living Water, subtitled “Viktor Schauberger and the Secrets of Natural Energy”, which was published in 1982. Alick commissioned Callum in 1981 to write a detailed review of Viktor Schauberger's work in a book to be called Living Energies, an Exposition of Concepts Related to the Theories of Viktor Schauberger, which Gateway Books subsequently published in 1996. During his on-going close association with the PKS over the next 17 years Callum started the immense and daunting task of translating and editing Viktor’s writings, culminating in the publication of the last of five books on Viktor Schauberger in 2000...

"A new author entered the scene with a valuable contribution. Jane Cobbald, who was particularly interested in what happened beneath the Earth’s surface, wrote a biographical account of Viktor's work in the area of fertility and energy exchanges in the soil, Viktor Schauberger – a Life of Learning from Nature, which includes an insightful interview with Ingeborg Schauberger, Walter’s widow. She also imports from Austria the Schauberger-inspired copper gardening tools..."[1]

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