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Dr. Vincent Vitto is President and CEO of Charles Stark Draper Laboratory, Inc..[1]

Vitto's "areas of expertise are communications and surveillance technologies. As Assistant Director of the MIT Lincoln Laboratory ... he was responsible for programs of surface surveillance and communications mission areas. Prior to that position, Mr. Vitto was Head the Communications Division which included work on technology and system concept development of military satellite communications systems. Mr. Vitto has served on numerous scientific boards and advisory committees; he currently is a member of the Defense Science Board and chair of the Naval Studies Board. He currently is serving as a member of the Committee on Science and Technology for Countering Terrorism."[2]

Vincent Vitto has served as Draper's President and CEO since 1997, "following the retirement of Ralph Jacobson.... Before coming to Draper, Vitto spent 32 years of increasing responsibility at MIT's Lincoln Laboratory, rising to be the Laboratory's Assistant Director for Surface Surveillance and Communications. He is Vice Chairman of the Naval Studies Board of the National Research Council, and was Chairman of its Space Panel for several years. He is also a member of the Defense Science Board and the Air Force Scientific Advisory Board. Draper Chairman Robert J. Hermann calls Vitto "smart, experienced, energetic, dedicated, and very highly thought of among Draper's circle of sponsors. His experiences are totally in sync with a not-for-profit, national-security, technical institution."[3]


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