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"Co-Founder and Director and Chief Financial Officer of the Green Economics Institute.

"Volker has a Masters in Economics and is a former German Green Councillor He co hosts the popular Green Economics Conferences and is Associate Editor of the International Journal of Green Economics.

"He is author of 'Die Oekonomie der Zukunft' a book that investigates future economic trends in the developed world based on the idea that a new economic science, free from any neo-liberal or other normative bias is needed and this new objective approach to economic thinking can sensibly only be a green economic approach.

"He specialised in developing economics and in reforming international economics.

"Trained as an Accountant and Auditor, has been recently an Auditor at PricewaterhouseCoopers and he is now working for Grant Thornton in Business Consultancy and is setting up Evergreen Publishers to publish his ideas on economics and those of others in keeping with his progressive ideas on economics." [1]


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