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The Women's Alliance for a Democratic Iraq (WAFDI) "is an international non-partisan and not-for-profit women's rights organization. WAFDI is dedicated to a free and democratic Iraq with full and equal individual rights for women as equal partners with men in all aspects of human endeavor." [1]

"On April 21-22, 2003, 19 members of Women for a Free Iraq attended a meeting for "Winning the Peace: Women's Role in the Post-Conflict Iraq," that took place in Washington D.C. Basma Fakri and Raz Rasool asked these women to form WAFDI and commit to the empowerment and advancement of women in a free and democratic post-Saddam Iraq.
"A steering committee was created to establish WAFDI that included Basma Fakri, Tanya Gilley, Zakia Hakki, Pauline Jasim, Tamara Quinn, Raz Rasool and Neeran Saraf. These co-founders of WAFDI established the agenda and rules under which WAFDI operates. Off of this steering committee the first Board of Directors for WAFDI was elected." [2]

Directors (2007) [3]


Web: http://www.wafdi.org

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