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WORLDwrite has been active since the mid-1990s and is based in London. Ostensibly a development education charity, it organises foreign exchange programmes, convenes conferences and produces short documentary films. Its staff, particularly its director, are active in the media.

WORLDwrite provides a political platform for the British libertarian LM group, lambasting environmentalism and sustainable development while eulogising genetically modified crops. The director, Ceri Dingle, is a veteran of the Revolutionary Communist Party and its offshoot, Living Marxism. Other key positions in the organisation are also dominated by LM group members and sympathisers: Kirk Leech, another LM partisan, is an assistant director.

WORLDwrite has recently been on a recruitment drive in London for youth/student volunteers , presumably as they won't have much knowledge of different points of view on development issues, to make "documentary" films promoting the LM's group's political point of view eg "The Bitter Aftertaste", an anti Fairtrade polemic.


Charity Commission Registration

WORLDwrite is recorded as 1060869 in the Central Register of Charities maintained by the Charity Commission for England and Wales. The legal objects, which describe what the charity has been set up to achieve, are registered with the Commission as follows:

"To advance the education of young people between the ages of 13 and 25 years inclusive, particularly by way of international exchanges and tours, in subjects such as history, geography, politics, international affairs, sulture and languages and in inter-personal relationships and pratctical life skills so as to assist such young persons in growing to full maturity as individuals and as members of society."[1]


Toby Marshall is a regular contributor to Spiked Online, a direct descendant of Living Marxism. Reshmi Parag has also written for Spiked and works for the oilfield services company SchlumbergerSema.

Financial History

Financial Year StartFinancial Year EndGross IncomeTotal Expenditure
01 Nov 199631 Oct 1997£31,759£30,975
01 Nov 199731 Oct 1998£224,965£222,026
01 Nov 199831 Oct 1999£120,597£119,521
01 Nov 199931 Oct 2000£102,705£105,543
01 Nov 200031 Oct 2001£65,738£63,322
01 Nov 200131 Oct 2002£65,118£62,119
01 Nov 200231 Oct 2003£80,520£81,994



A characteristic strategy employed by WORLDwrite is the promotion of conferences on development which are dominated by speakers from the LM network. WORLDwrite disguises the fact that nearly all the contributors are members of the same ideological clique by presenting them as independent experts.

Summit for Serious Development

The WORLDwrite 'Summit for Serious Development' was held in London on 12 June 2002 [3]. It was designed as a spoiler to the UN Johannesburg Summit for Sustainable Development, which was held later that summer. Nearly all the speakers and chairs had links with the LM Group, but these existing relationships were not disclosed. A summary of the participants and their links to other LM organisations is given below [4]:

As Good As It Gets? Conference

In November 2003, WORLDwrite organised a conference held in Surrey Cricket Ground, London. Again, the lineup features many of the same faces from the LM group.


Ceri Dingle, Director
Viv Regan, Assistant Director
Kirk Leech, Assistant Director

Danny Frings, Welsh Coordinator
Grant Dyer, Exchange Coordinator
Rachel Crowley, Midlands Coordinator
Peter Kwong, Hosting Coordinator
Helen Sewell, College Coordinator
Elena Reiniger, German Coordinator
Dan Clayton, Yorkshire Coordinator
Steve Daley, Irish Coordinator
Aitak Barani, Europe Coordinator
Chris Jones, Educational Material
Phil Bradley, Berekum Appeal
John Conroy, Brazil Coordinator
Laura Gilbert, Schools Coordinator
Marta Julia, Spanish Coordinator

Ian Foster, IT Coordinator
Julia Nagle, Public Relations
Roger Orwin, Webmaster
[5] [6]

Contact details

WORLDwrite Volunteer Centre,
Millfields Lodge,
Millfields Road, London E5 OAR
Tel/Fax: +44 (0)20 8985 5435
Email: (substitute @ for AT)